Moth Index - List
Armyworm, Yellow-striped
Automeris IO
Bad Wing, The
Black, White-striped
Carpet, Labrador

Clearwing, Hummingbird
Clearwing, Snowberry

Ctenucha Virginica

Cutworm, Bristly
Cutworm, Yellow-headed

Cycnia, Delicate

Dart, Greater Black-letter
Dart, Master's

Emerald, Red-fringed
Ermine Orchard
Fan-foot, Wavy-lined
Fruitworm, Sparganothis

Geometer, Barberry
Geometer, Chickweed
Geometer, False Crocus
Geometer, Sweetfern

Grass, Bold-feathered

Grass-Veneer, Common
Grass-Veneer, Elegant

Gray, Bentline
Gray, Porcelain

Half Wing
Honest Pero
Idia, Glossy Black
IO, Automeris
Leaf Hibiscus
Leafroller, Grape
Lichen, Painted
Lithacodia, Pink-barred

Looper, Clover
Looper, Common
Looper, Greater Grapvine
Looper, Hemlock
Looper, Maple

Master's Dart
Owlet, Brown-hooded
Pale Beauty
Palthis Faint-spotted
Pero, Honest
Phalaenostola, Dark

Prominent, Drab
Prominent, Sigmoid

Plume, Buck's
Plume, Goldenrod Borer


Pug, Common
Pug, Wormwood

Red Twin-spot
Rosy Maple
Sallow, Bicolor
Shades, American Angle
Snout, Baltimore

Spanworm, Large Maple
Spanworm, Lesser Maple
Spanworm, Maple

Sphinix, Modest
Sphinix, Small-eyed

The Bad Wing
Tiger, Virgin
Tiger, Virginian
Titian Peale's Crambid
Tolype, Large

Tussock, Banded
Tussock, Definite

Twin-spot, Red
Ultronia Underwing

Underwing, Charming
Underwing, Copper
Underwing, Large Yellow
Underwing, Woody
Underwing, Yellow-banded

Vagabond Crambus

Wave, Frosted Tan
Wave, Soft-lined
Wave, Single-dotted

Wavy Chestnut Y
Webworm, Garden

Wood-Nymph, Pearly